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Our Veteran Tribute begins with your first call to us. Regardless of where the transfer takes place, or at what time of day, we will always ask if the decedent was a Veteran and take the appropriate actions to honor and respect them and their specific branch of service.
First, we drape them with our Old Glory cover to illustrate our respect and identify the side of the car with a Veteran military ribbon. This is our procedure 24-hours-a-day, regardless of where the transfer takes place.
Then, we provide a United States flag and a branch of service emblem to be displayed during ceremonies.
Custom Military Tribute Panels can be displayed in the caps of most caskets, providing a personal way to highlight the military service of a Veteran.
We will make arrangements to secure a United States Burial flag that will drape the casket or be with the urn for presentation to the family of the Veteran.
Unless the Veteran's death was during active duty, the Pallbearers are typically dressed in civilian attire. Therefore, we identify the Pallbearers by providing them each with a United States flag lapel pin as our gift to them in recognition of their service as a Pallbearer for a Veteran.
Finally, we will take care of completing and filing all the necessary paperwork required when applying for Veterans burial benefits. These benefits are provided at no cost to the family members to recognize the sacrifice and contributions of our nation's Veterans. Military Benefits.pdf
Next, prior to the arrival of the funeral procession, we visit the cemetery of the family's choice to prepare the site for the arrival of the Veteran. At the cemetery, we install full-sized flags to line the pathway to the site and show respect for the Veteran's service to our country.
The rendering of Military Funeral Honors is a way to show deep gratitude to those who, in times of war and peace, have faithfully defended our country. We will be honored to make arrangements for this final demonstration a grateful nation and community can provide to a Veteran and their family. Military Honors may be provided by the Department of Defense or by the local District Twelve Veterans of Foreign Wars Honor Guard.
Arrangements can also be made to include a bugler, if requested.
In recognition and commemoration of their service to our country, we request a certificate that bears the signature of the President of the United States, for every surviving spouse and child of the Veteran. This certificate is a treasured family keepsake in honor of a Veteran.
Additionally, we offer several memorial keepsakes as a part of our signature services to Veterans and their families.
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This program is not financed or affiliated with any government agency or Veterans organization.