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Once your loved one comes into our care, they will stay in our care. Rest assured, this is at our licensed funeral home, in a secured location. We will never deliver your loved one to be stored at the crematory.
Cremation is a time-honored practice that we respect and honor. When you entrust us with your loved one, we will care for them with the highest of standards. Umpqua Valley Funeral Directors, in cooperation with other funeral homes around the country, has developed a process whereby you can have full faith in our cremation practices. As Douglas County’s only member of this co-operative, we are very proud to present to you this exclusive service.

We are a locally owned and operated funeral home. As a member of this community, your needs are our highest priority. When your loved one passes away, you tell us when you want us to arrive and bring them back to our funeral home. If you need time, take it. We will never rush you or tell you when this transfer must occur. Likewise, as locals, we are able to respond to your requests immediately. We will never make you wait for us.
Our funeral home assures the identity of your loved one in several ways. By working with nurses and staff at the hospital, nursing home, or other places of passing, you can be certain that your loved one has been properly identified. If you wish, we will be happy to let you or a family friend positively identify them again before the cremation. There is never an extra charge for these viewings.
We perform a simple sanitation process and then prepare your loved one with clothes you provide before they leave the funeral home. We will never let anyone leave our establishment unclothed or unprepared.
We use a family-owned crematory that follows set procedures so that the cremated remains returned to us are, with surety, those of your loved one. A unique identifier is assigned to your loved one and recorded both on a metal disk and on all the paperwork and log books. This disk follows at every step and is kept with the cremains. We match the disk identifier with the paperwork, which guarantees the identity of your loved one.
We will personally transfer the cremated remains into the urn you select and label the urn with your loved one’s name. We never allow the crematory or a third party to transfer cremains. Additionally, we will return cremains to you in a timely fashion. We will never make you wait weeks for the urn.
We will present the urn to you in a professional manner, at your convenience. If you need us to hold the cremains, we do that without charge in our secured, dignified location.
We are dedicated to ensure that your desires are met and we will assist you with all the details if you choose to honor your loved one with one of our Life MemoriesSM services. Celebrating and respecting the life of your loved one is our utmost focus.
8-Star Cremation ProcessSM

Our unique 8-Star Cremation ProcessSM is designed to give you complete assurance that we treat your loved one with the utmost respect and care. As a local family-owned funeral home you can depend on our service and have the peace of mind that everything is handled with total confidence, in a caring and compassionate environment, and in accordance to your wishes.
Cremation is a choice, and we at Umpqua Valley Funeral Directors will help to honor your wishes and your preferred path of reflection and remembrance.
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