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We operate out of state-licensed facilities that are located close to you. Our facilities are secured to provide you and your loved one peace of mind.
The choice you make for burial is a very personal choice. When your loved one is buried either in a cemetery or out of the area you can depend on the staff at Umpqua Valley Funeral Directors to help you. Umpqua Valley Funeral Directors, in cooperation with several other funeral homes around the country, have developed a process whereby you can have full faith in our burial practices. As Douglas County’s only member of this co-operative, we are very proud to present to you this exclusive service.
When your loved one passes away, you tell us when you want us to arrive and bring them to our funeral home. If you need time, take it. We will never rush you or tell you when the transfer must occur. Likewise, since we are members of the community, we are able to respond to your requests immediately. We will never make you wait for us.
When you call our office day or night to talk to our staff you will always find a knowledgeable person to offer assistance. You can count on our availability to provide you with answers when you need them.
This is a difficult time in your life and we want to make things as easy as possible on you. This includes our pricing as well. Using a system developed by the Funeral Consumer Alliance, we list our prices in a way that is straight forward. Our goal is for you to understand the costs of your loved one's funeral, and to feel confident that you know that what you ask for is what you'll get.
During one of the most stressful times of your life, you can expect our staff to explain what is happening throughout the process and provide documents in a timely manner. You can trust our word when it comes to getting the things you need.
We respect the need to say good-bye one last time. If you would like to have this opportunity before burial takes place, it will be at no extra charge.
We want you to have the opportunity to share memories of the life of your loved one and we are committed to helping you design a service befitting them. Whatever your wishes, we will help to arrange a distinguished service in a facility of your choosing.
Funerals can be stressful enough without having to make multiple stops in planning. As a service to our families, not only will we help with the funeral arrangements but also with the cemetery, flowers, grave marker and obituary. You can depend on our staff to assist you in every step along this path.
8-Star Burial ProcessSM

Our unique 8-Star Burial ProcessSM , as with cremation, shows how committed we are to you and your loved one. We want you to take comfort in the assurances we provide.
Burial is a choice, and we at Umpqua Valley Funeral Directors will help to honor your wishes and your preferred path of reflection and remembrance.
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